The Lamest Supervillan

The International Society of Supervillains har på sin blogg lagt upp en lista över de 11 löjligaste "super" skurkarna hos Marvel och DC. Det är svår att klura ut vem som egentligen är den löjligaste, men min röst faller på den här killen.


War veteran Gordon Thomas became a sign maker after his wife left him. But when another guy bought the company he worked for, he got all upset and became a supervillain. So, to recap -- wife leaves you, go find a job making signs; lose sign-making job, become a supervillain. Thomas drew letters all over his body with a grease pen and dubbed himself Typeface, because in addition to reacting to things inappropriately, he is also apparently very uncreative, which could account for why he got fired as a sign maker.

Thomas attacks the new owner of the sign-making business and Spider-Man (who is involved for some reason) with the giant letters he apparently stole from the place where he used to work, again displaying his less-than-desirable attributes as an employee. In a true display of lameness, he is defeated not by Spider-Man but by the fellow who bought the business, when the guy sets off a bomb destroying the building he had just bought. So essentially no superhero was necessary in the story of a bad, disgruntled employee and what is clearly a terrible businessman.


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